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(SAW) Touch Screen Introduction:

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Touch Screen is made of pure glass, and with extremely durable glass substrates, resulting in tough, reliable interfaces for demanding public access applications, with the 4mm & 6mm thickness Toughened Glass, the rigidity is several times that of ordinary glass, it is nearly impossible to be physically broken or "wear out", if the screen is broken, the fragments are safe with no sharp edges, and do not hurt people.

SAW Touch screen Benefits:

No coatings or overlays to wear, anti scratch, or tear.

High impact resistance.

Tempered heat or chemically strengthened glass.

Safe break pattern (tempered only).

Sizes from 6.4 inches to 29 inches.

Thicknesses: 3 mm, 4mm and 6 mm.

Anti glare glass & Metal enclosure mounting option.

Against dust, splashing liquids, and other contaminants.

4mm thickness was used Chemical Toughened glass to make of, can stand the impact of 520g metal ball drop from 1M high; Trial Standard No.:JC/T977-2005.

6mm thickness touch screens can stand the falling impact of a one- kg steel ball from one meter       high. Trial Standard No.: GB/T9963-1998 and 60950@IEC1999.(Option)

SAW Touch Screen Performance Overview:
Structure: Uses the glass surface, the surface does not have any coating, explosion-proof, anti- scratches, and its characteristics is fine;
Cable & Interface: Interface is square and double row:2x5?2x6 Pin?pin diameter:0.025 Inch?0.0635mm.
Error Margin & Precision: The standard error is less than 0.080 the inches (2.03 millimeters), the largest situations demonstrated the error is less than 1%?Resolution: 4096x4096.
Touch Point: Each square inch 1.00 million touch points (each square centimeter 15,000 to touch.
Touch Sensibility: Sensitive responds, regarding slight touching, the controller also can accurately respond, the reaction time is smaller than 10ms, touches dynamics to be less than 85 grams.
Visual Resolution Antiglare: 6:1 minimum(Option);.
Surface Hardness: Chemical toughened glass?Mohs' hardness rating of 7.(Standard:JC/T977-2005);.
Service Life: Its service life is long. This kind of product is leading in all other touches. And its effectively touch times on the identical spot achieve more than 50 million times;.
Light Transmission Ratio: According to the ASRTMD1003 standard, it is higher than 92%;.
Heat inserting characteristic: Its heat inserting characteristic is fine, and controller support plugging and playing;.
Stability: The stable performance is fine, does not have the drifting, automatic error correction;.
Temperature Capability: Work?-20? to 50??Deposit?-40? to 70;.
Endurance: Scratch resistant, Unlimited touches in one location without failure;.
EMI: Unaffected by other peripherals around the site.
Operational Altitude: Up to 3000M.
Relative Operation Temperature: Non- compression: 40 degree-hour are 90%RH;.
Safely Standard: FCC, CE, RoHs;.
Warranty: 1, 3, 5 years.

ETT5001 U /S Controller Overview:

+12 Vdc, nominal?+11 Vdc to +13 Vdc.

100 MA, typical at +12 Vdc. Average power dissipation is 1.2 W, typical.

Supply must be capable of sourcing 200 MA, minimum.

Whole noise and peak value must be less than 100 MV for frequencies lower than 1 MHz, and be     less than 50 mV for frequencies over 1 MHz.

Interface: USB2.0; Serial;
Touch distinguish ratio: 4096x4096, no relationship with the touch screens type.
Conversion Time: Less than 12 ms per coordinate set (including transmitting time).
Environment Temperature: Operating: 0C to 65C/Storage: -25C to 85C.
Humidity: Operating: 10% to 90% RH/Storage: 10% to 90% RH, non-condensing.
Flammability: The printed circuit baseboard obeys 94V0 regulation. All plastic components, such as headers and connectors, also obeys 94V0 regulation.
Driver Support: Windows : 95/98/Me/2000/XP/NT; Linux;.
Safely Standard: FCC, CE, RoHs;.

Connecting Method:

Our Quality Policy:

SAW touch screen and Open Frame LCD panel products were the latest hardware developments and updates continuously so all our clients have an up to date technology. SoftTouch Technologies.

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